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Enjoy your San Antonio home, without all the work.

Preventative home maintenance, appliance repairs and small handyman services - all taken care of by your dedicated PreFix Home Manager.

It doesn’t get any easier than PreFix.

PreFix helps San Antonio homeowners save up to $1,500 a year.

Home maintenance? Check ✔

  • Home Manager
    80% of fixes are handled by your Home Manager.
  • All Included
    100% of maintenance items and repairs are covered.
  • Windows Waiting
    Zero service windows or waiting.

PreFix is easy to use

  • signup 300x300 1 Sign up for a PreFix membership.
  • Meet Maganger Meet your personal Home Manager.
  • 48573270 0 2. Just Call Receive a 30-point preventative maintenance service twice a year.
  • 48573345 0 3. Preventative Main If you need a fix, just text, email or call.
  • 48573370 0 4. Contractors For repairs requiring specific licenses, we’ll connect and coordinate with pre-vetted contractors for you.

Hassle-free membership

Just $40/ month

for most homes
  • Go-to Home Manager who handles repairs and maintenance for you.
  • Semi-annual 30-point maintenance service included.
  • Guaranteed low-cost repairs based on wholesale prices.
  • No contract. No commitment. Cancel at any time.

Get most repairs for $40

Need a repair? Your Home Manager will take care of it for just $40/hour. Any required parts are at wholesale prices with zero markup. What are a few of the most common PreFix repair requests in San Antonio?Common service requests include:

  • 48574250 0 ICON DISHWASHER


    Replace main control board
    Replace inlet valve
    Unclog drain valve

  • 48574255 0 ICON FRIDGE


    Unclog defrost drain
    Replace motherboard
    Replace evaporator fan motor

  • 48574260 0 ICON WASHER DRYER

    Washer / Dryer

    Replace inlet valve
    Replace lid switch assembly
    Replace main control board

  • 48574270 0 ICON HVAC


    Diagnose AC issues
    Clean condenser outtake
    Replace thermostat

  • 48574275 0 ICON PLUMBING


    Replace garbage disposal
    Fix slow drain
    Replace faucet

  • 48574280 0 ICON HANDYMAN


    Replace doorknobs
    Caulk shower
    Replace light fixtures

For complex repairs or those requiring a licensed tradesperson, we secure negotiated rates from pre-approved contractors who get the job done quickly. We’ll manage the repair to completion so you don’t have to think about it. Even better, you still get the best possible prices.

PreFix saves you money

Our San Antonio customers save up to $1,500 per year and 30+ hours of time.

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Own your home, not its problems

Your PreFix membership comes with preventative maintenance service twice a year. And if something needs fixing, your Home Manager takes care of it too.

  • Flush sediment out of water heater
  • Clean AC drain line and condenser coils
  • Change AC filters
  • Clean refrigerator condenser coil
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and change batteries
  • Replace water filter in refrigerator
  • Confirm burners and lights work in oven and stove
  • Inspect all appliance lights and replace as needed
  • Sanitize dishwasher with natural cleaning agent
  • Clean dishwasher drain and filter
  • Sanitize garbage disposal
  • Inspect toilets for valve leaks and replace as needed
  • Unclog slow or blocked drains
  • Inspect faucets for leaks and clean aerators
  • Inspect exterior plumbing for proper installation
  • Sanitize clothes washer with natural cleaning agent
  • Clean lint out of dryer and outtake vent
  • Clean clothes washer gasket

Know your home’s health

PreFix provides you with a monthly Home Health Report to track maintenance.

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  • See how much money you’ve saved over time
  • Maintain a record of all home maintenance
  • When you sell your home, you can show how well you maintained it

PreFix makes owning your San Antonio home easy. See what our customers have to say.

  • PreFix has been a great investment in our home. It’s nice to know they’re thinking about the little things that can lead to bigger problems.

    Kevin K.
    Hyde Park
  • This is the most awesome service. For $40 a month, PreFix takes care of everything that my house needs maintenance-wise.

    Dana R.
  • Exactly what folks like me are looking for in terms of a ‘partner in service.’ I learned things during the visit that can help me with my home.

    Phil P.

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