How It Works


Each PreFix member is assigned a personal Home Manager.  He or she is your single point of contact and will fix anything that breaks.


If something breaks, text, email or call us.  Your Home Manager will fix the problem and make sure the work is done right at lowest possible cost. 


Twice a year your Home Manager will perform a 30-pt. preventive maintenance service on your home which includes appliances, HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems. 


How We Save You Time and Money

  • Your Home Manager manages all your HVAC, plumbing, appliance, and electrical repairs for you - this saves you over 30 hours/yr.
  • We fix the majority of your home maintenance tasks ourselves - this can save you over $1,000/yr.
  • Our preventive maintenance extends appliance life and improves energy efficiency - this can save you over $500/yr.
  • We handle all contractor management hassle: no scheduling, waiting or oversight.


Included in Preventive Maintenance

  • Flush sediment out of water heater
  • Clean lint out of dryer and outtake vent
  • Inspect toilets for valve leaks and replace as needed
  • Confirm that burners and lights work in oven
  • Clean AC drain line
  • Make sure filter and drain are clean in dishwasher
  • Unclog slow or clogged drains
  • Sanitize dishwasher with natural cleansing agent
  • Clean condenser coil on refrigerator
  • Clean washer gasket
  • Sanitize clothes washer with natural cleansing agent
  • Clean AC condenser unit as needed
  • Install smoke detectors or change batteries as needed
  • Install carbon monoxide detector, if necessary
  • Inspect faucets for leaks and clean aerators as needed
  • Change AC filters
  • Replace water filter in refrigerator
  • Provide fire extinguisher, if necessary

We provide a comprehensive record of all your home maintenance to let you know exactly how much money we save you over time.

We love the service so far
— Todd H.
Exactly what folks like me are looking for in terms of a ‘partner in service’. I learned things during the visits that can help me with maintenance, and my issues were solved in short order.
— Phil P.
If you want to ‘own your home, not its problems’ then PreFix is a must.
— Shawn A.
We have been extremely happy with the interactions we have had with PreFix up to this point!
— Bart J.
The service has been fantastic
— Alex H.
Great stuff! The visit has already significantly helped us by making our dryer work again!
— Ian V.

What you get

  • Your time back. We save homeowners over 30 hours a year of home maintenance hassle.
  • Over $1500/yr. in savings on annual maintenance costs and energy consumption.

What you pay

  • $40 per month. There is no contract and you are free to cancel any time.
  • $30 co-payment for service visits performed by us. Preventive maintenance visits are free.
  • Any work done by specialist contractors is at low negotiated rates with no mark up.

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